AVM Auto Appraisals

      Automotive Inspections

& Consulting

Automotive Umpire



A. V. Monopoli Team Appraiser Specialist

State Licenses

New York NYHN 48 Licensed Connecticut MVPD 002323141

Industry Certifications

I-Car Platinum Individual

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair

Environmental Auditor

National Association of Safety and Health Professionals

Certified Hazards Management

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The National Association of Safety and Health Professionals

Certified Ground Water/Wellhead Protection Technology

New Jersey Rural Water Association

Environmental Commissioner

Borough of Montvale NJ

Member in Good Standing

International Motor Press Association (IMPA)

Member in Good Standing

Society of the Automotive Historians (SAH)

A. V. Monopoli Mario Monopoli Appraisal Specialist

Certified Master Appraisers™

International Automotive Appraisers association (IAAA)

Certified Auto Mediators™

Auto Mediators Association (AMA)

Structural Collision Repair Certifications

Alliance of Automotive Service Providers Garden State

Advisory Board Members

International Automotive Appraisers Association (IAAA)

NADA Price Guides