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The AVM Team members have their finger on the pulse of the New, Used and Collector car market by partaking in discussions and interviewing some of the most important individuals in the Industry. The Not so Rouge Gallery Contains Images of People, Places and Things. AVM Team members are pictured with those people, places and events along with some celebrities like Carroll Shelby, Craig Jackson, Gary Bennett, Steve Davis of the Barrett Jackson Auction, Steve Saleen and Drew Lieberman of Ebay Motors. Plus you can use the following links to Read Articles about Barrett Jackson, RM, Russo and Steele, Gooding and Bonhams auctions, Concours like Greenwich, Pebble Beach. Concorso Itailiano, the Quail Lodge, Carlisle, Hershey, SEMA show in Las Vegas and the Hot Rod & Restoration Trade Show in Indianapolis along the Auctions in NYC and much more.

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When an Appraisal or Report Was Needed to Establish an Agreed or Stated Value for Clients or an Insurance Company itself or to Determine a Diminished Value or a Total Loss Value or Establish a Value as a Government IRS Mandated Compliant Valuation for a Charitable Contribution or when needed for an Equitable Distribution or to Resolve a Client's Legal Issues as in a Disputed Amount in a Divorce Proceeding
Use AVM to get the Best Possible Results 

You Too Can Also Rely On AVM to Provide an Accurate Report for your New or Old American or Foreign Car or Exotic or Super Car, Antique, Classic, Street Rod, Race Car, Motorcycle or Custom One-off, Proto-Type, Special Purpose Vehicle in addition to a Motor Home, Car Hauler, Truck, Car Spares or all other types of automotive related Memorabilia or Equipment.

AVM has Appraised them All  

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